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Your security is at risk if you've:

  • Given your keys to maintenance crews or other contractors
  • Given your keys to employees and staff
  • Fired an employee

Eagle Security Service is your security consultant.

We at Eagle Security Services are security professionals. We show people every day where they are vulnerable and what they can do to protect themselves. We sell security; we offer service, we provide expertise. Eagle Security Service gives you peace of mind.

Rekeying only restarts the cycle.

There are many common situations that put the keys to your buildings, property or business in the wrong hands. It is easy for almost anyone to duplicate your keys. They result can be unauthorized access to your company records, customer files, cash, personal property, as well as other important and valuable items.

Rekeying your locks does not solve your problems. It only restarts the cycle – a cycle that leads to expensive rekeying again and again in the future.

The reality is that most standard keys are easy to duplicate. All that’s required is to take them to a key cutter at a hardware or drugstore. Remember the last time you had keys made? Were you asked for identification or authorization before the keys were cut?

Criminals can even duplicate your keys by writing down the number stamped on the key and taking it to a key cutter.

Save money and improve your security by controlling who can copy your keys!

Key control is the most important aspect of your security. If you can’t control who can copy your keys, you can’t control your security. Without proper key control, you are faced with the threat of expensive rekeying every time your keys leave your sight.

Eagle Security Service will improve the security of your facility by offering you a product that protects against the unauthorized duplication of keys. As an authorized KeyMark™ Service Center, we can provide you with an advanced level of key control with KeyMark™ by Medeco®, new BEST-style interchangeable cores and conventional cylinders from Medeco.

You will have greater security than you have today because Eagle Security Service is the only one who will be authorized to cut your KeyMark keys and only with proper security authorization. What’s more, we document who and how many keys were made so you have a complete audit trail.

No other lock can offer this cost-effective method to dramatically improve the security of your business or institution. Ask us for KeyMark by Medeco instead of wasting money rekeying your old locks.

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